Beach Belly Dance and Arts Studio

All bellies are beach bellies.

 Welcome to Beach Belly Dance and Arts Studio!

The true origin of belly dance is shrouded in timeless mystery.  Because belly dance consists of a myriad of different dance styles, it indeed has many different origins.  However, numerous experts believe that belly dance is one of the oldest forms of dance.  It is reputed to have originated in ancient matriarchal societies as a ritual therapy dance for fertility and childbirth.  The women performed these dances to speed childbirth and alleviate post-natal health problems.  Over time, the dances they practiced have evolved into a performance art that, in its essence, is sensual, exuberant and poetic.  In modern times, this dance is performed and enjoyed throughout the world by both men and women, and is taught in almost every country.  The benefits of this dance include everything from physical fitness (increased mobility, energy, confidence, and coordination as as well as improved balance, posture, and of course, weight loss/maintenance) to self-confidence, as many individuals learning the art often gain a sense of empowerment and self-discovery through this artistic form of expression.  People of all ages and cultures are coming together through belly dance to enhance their health and take part in the supportive fellowship it provides.

Beach Belly Dance and Arts Studio is a belly dance school built around the idea of people helping people to achieve a healthier lifestyle through the Art of Belly Dance.  Through donations, class tuition, and the funds raised by our annual Beach Belly Dance Festival, we are able to offer the benefits of belly dance to the local population.

We LOVE bringing people together in a celebratory and supportive environment! We host an annual Dance Festival at the Painted Lady Lavender Farm in Ilwaco, WA.  Read on down to learn more about the Festival, and about the other cool stuff we have happening this year!

We are striving to bring the myriad benefits of dance and culture to the coastal community by intersecting all walks of life with a performance art that is passionate, poetic, and empowering.

WE ARE NOT A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.  We gratefully accept donations and in exchange we will promote you business on our merchandise and at our annual Festival.  We do, however, support non-profit organizations and perform at their events.  YOUR DONATIONS TO BEACH BELLY DANCE AND ARTS STUDIO ARE NOT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Check out our Donation Packages page for more information.

 In a Nutshell...

BellyGram: To celebrate any occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.

Scheduled Performances: at a restaurant or other such venue.  Great for holidays, "Years Since Opening" events, concerts, and many more! Since opening the studio doors in 2009, Beach Belly Dance Instructor Varyin Parham has performed in Astoria, OR, at Himani Restaurant, T. Paul's Supper Club, "The Spot," and Wet Dog Cafe, and in the Long Beach Peninsula, WA, area at Ocean Park's Old Fashioned Fourth of July Parade and Ilwaco High School's 2013 Prom, to name a few.  The Beach Belly Dance Troupe most recently appeared at Shimmy Shake and Share 2014, in Vancouver, WA.

 Calendar News

Coming Up:
  • May 3rd: Loyalty Days Parade Long Beach WA.
  • June 10: Marino's Adriatic Cafe in Southeast Portland
  • July 4th: Ocean Park's Old Fashioned Fourth of July Parade, Bay Avenue, Ocean Park, WA
  • July : Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, West Seattle Fairgrounds, WA
  • August 20-21: Annual  Beach Belly Dance Festival at the Painted Lady Lavender Farm, Ilwaco, WA
  • Fall Semester at CCC: Beginners and beyond Belly Dance for everybody.